In a time of great poverty, when the wave of emigration from Europe reached its peak, in 1847 Friedrich Heutelbeck founded his company for the manufacture of piano components. 25 years later, Julius Klinke entered into his father-in-law's company and modernised and extended the production.

Early on, the production method was changed from the manual production then commonplace to machine manufacture.

After the First World War, the relationships with the most important foreign markets were interrupted. The product range was extended by screws and turned components.

In consequence of the Second World War, production initially stopped completely. Reconstruction followed during the time of the German "Economic Miracle".

By that time Julius Klinke had developed into one of the most versatile and modern precision turning companies in Europe, employing 200 workers. Since 2018 we have been officially recognized as the world market leader of our branch by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Hagen.

There are very few companies able to look back over 175 years of tradition while staying in touch with the present day.

We are one of them.